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The long-overdue version 2 is now available! New features:

  • FIXED: Tooltips disappearing after only a few seconds. They now stick around until you move your mouse away.
  • FIXED: You need to have certain fonts installed, otherwise an error will occur. The program now reverts to the Windows Default font in these cases.
  • ADDED: A help menu! This mostly contains a User Guide and Send Feedback, which offers links you can use to get in touch with me via Twitter, Telegram, and E-Mail. Please do let me know what you think!
  • UPDATED: Important Information now displays each time APTG is launched, because it really is that important. Sorry if this is annoying.

Update 2015-08-11: We have been given a provisional date of 4 September to complete our house move. As such, I will be on hiatus until then as I rush around to get an entire house's worth of stuff packed, insurance and utilities organised, a gas supply fitted... yeah, it's going to be a busy month. I've done some work towards branching sessions but nothing release-worthy. Once I've moved, I should be able to work on APTG regularly. Until then, I've updated the description a little bit and I'm also adding a section to the user manual about how the fully interactive sessions will be designed. Please accept my apologies for the slow updates for the moment, and rest assured that this is NOT how I intend to carry on in the future. Thank you!

Autopilot To Go (APTG) is a text hypnosis program designed to mimic an instant messenger. It is being written to completely replace my live text hypnosis sessions with on-demand tailored sessions that learn from how you respond to them, so that my availability is no longer a problem for people who would like me to work with them. It also replaces the Demoncat Autopilot project on the now-defunct Demoncat Hypnosis website. So, in summary, my intention is nothing less than to write a program that puts me out of a job.

At the moment, APTG will replay my two Field Trip sessions on demand. It will go at whatever speed you tell it to, and you can fiddle it to somewhat resemble your favourite instant messenger (see the screenshots to the right for two examples of this). Replaying non-interactive sessions and other core functionality will always be free: you can download APTG right now and try it out, for free, without any time limits. However, I have big plans for this little program now that I'm no longer restricted to what a web server can handle. Branching sessions will be the next step, followed eventually by learning algorithms so the program learns how to most effectively put you under and keep you there.

APTG requires .Net Framework version 4.5 or later, and is intended to run on Windows 7 or later. It's known to work on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and I'll be moving over to Windows 10 when I can. APTG will be updated frequently in the future, because I have a lot of motivation to work on this project, but I sadly can't commit to any particular release schedule. I will also appear to be on hiatus for the next month or two as I am buying a house with my partner, and that has to take priority. If you aren't ok with that delay, please wait until winter 2015 and then come back, at which point I hope to have enough stability to commit to regular work on this program.

Please follow my Twitter account, @DemoncatHypno, for updates on Autopilot To Go - and, when the times comes, discounts and deals on additional features to enhance your experience.

Known issues:

  • Tooltips disappear after a few seconds. This doesn't give you enough time to read them, and in some cases, tooltips are a poor way to get the information across. In version 2, they will stick around for longer; in a future version, I will move the tooltips in the settings window to a larger text area for ease of reading.
  • To use colour schemes other than Windows Default, you need to have the fonts Verdana (for variable width) and Courier New (for monospaced). If you now can't launch APTG, delete your Options file from the Support folder to revert the options to defaults. This problem arose because I mistakenly thought these were included with all versions of Windows. In version 2, the Windows Default font will be used; in a future version, you will be able to manually select the font you want APTG to use during a session.


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